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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Update

Millwork One Racing has had a very successful first year in 2008 and we expect to continue adding to our impressive list of results in 2009. The team roster has grown a little bit! Rick Gervais now wears the M1 colors and so will Bill Doonan come January 1st. We also have a couple of other prospects in the hopper who might be persuaded to jump aboard. Let's see what happens. One thing we can promise to everyone is a bigger and stronger M1 Racing Team in 2009.
Here are some photos of M1 RacingTR - Murat Akyazi racing on the road and mtb in Turkey this past season.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Future Millwork One Racer

Look at how adorable Murat Akyazi's daughter is. He didn't tell me her name in his e-mail, so I will add it later. According to Daddy, she's crazy about bikes and racing. What says "I love you" better than putting on one of daddy's big uniforms and booties and posing for a picture? I'm in love with this little one.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Race Report: New England Velo Cross Challenge

As told by the less attractive half of Team Samartano:
Lynn, Wild Bill, Lyons, Judge (we call him jay now, it just fits better) myself, left for The New England Velo-Cross Challenge in NH at 5:ish this am. We were among the first to arrive, which gave us a chance to pre-ride the course. Lynn had a real good warm up and a good feeling about the course. She got a very good start, the second woman into the woods, quickly picking off the lead rider. She held on for a few strong laps, but, alas one rider got by. She place second in her first cyclocross race of the year!My race was next, I got the holeshot into the woods, only to fall while trying to ride up the first run up. Lost 5 places during my momentary loss of judgment. The next laps were spent fighting for spots. With three to go I was in second place and could see the leader. I fought hard in the power sections but I could not reel him in. I finished second with a severe case of lung burn.Wild Bill? He's racing Sucker Brook tomorrow, so he took it easy on the competion, no reason to show all your cards this early in the season.
2008 New England Velo Cross Challenge Full Results

Race Report: 2008 Three Village Tour RR and YMCA Rose Pedal Criterium Pro-Am

As told by Adam:
Saweeeeeeeet!! Nice job [Matt]! That [Portsmouth] race is a real barn-burner, isn't it?!! I love how you come out of that 4th corner every lap single file in a line of 80 guys at supersonic speed. Reading your report of a field sprint finish, though, comfirms that I made the right decision to go down to Norwich...BTW was Skip okay after his crash? My brief weekend race report goes like this: Did the 45+ Three Village RR on Sat. The promoter combined the 35s, 45s, and 55s- even though he had substantial fields in each. Said he didn'thave "enough resources". Anyway, on the last lap a break of about 15 guys including myself, Bill Y, Ciaran, Dave Potter, and Mark Gunsulas got away. Coming into the sprint, I made a major mental error that I'm still kicking myself for. I said to myself, "Damn, here's another big break where I'm gonna get 11 or 12th and come away with nothing". Sure enough, I did finish 12th, but I completely forgot about the fact that we were seperate races, so technically I wasn't sprinting against Bill and Ciaran, I was sprinting against Mark G. and the other 45s. If I had remembered that, I definitelywould have fought for better position on Mark's wheel (he won). And the funny thing was, all of us 45s (there were 4 in the break) sucked in the sprint- we finished 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th! Not saying I would've won by any means, but I honestly think I cost myself at least one spot (and a podium). Well, live and learn- mental errors can be just as costly as poor physical preparation....
Sunday in Norwich was hard. Very tough race. Short laps with a steep hill and no chance to rest/recover. Break of 4 got away (inc. Tim Unkert) then a chase group of 4 (inc. Amos Brumble). Late in the raceI bolted and Bill Y bridged up. We hung on for 9th and 10th (me). So, overall, not a bad weekend. I was hoping for maybe a little bit better, but I surely can't complain...Weather permitting, I'm gonna try for one more race: Next Sunday at Ninigret.
Full results from the 2008 Three Village Tour RR
Full Results from the 2008 YMCA Rose Pedal Crit

Race Report: 2008 Portsmouth Criterium Pro-Am

As told by Matt:
Well boyz, I had probably the best race of my season yesterday. It went something like this...
Was warming up and got a flat. Was on my Zipps with tubies, so I was screwed. Rode the flat 3 miles back to the car and started begging for a front wheel because I did not bring an extra. Skip was parked right next to me, so I asked him and he was actually quite concerned and tried to help me out. Finally Bill Mark from NBX/Narragansett rode by me with a pair of Carbones, he gave me a front wheel with a nice Conti Sprinter tubie on it. I was happy.
The race started and it took about 5 laps for me to finish my warm up. I was in the last quarter of the field and started moving up. The course was tight (how I like them) with corners that if you have a good line, you can make it really difficult for those behind you. Finally got up to the front and stayed there the rest of the race. It was a CCB and Metlife affair. Many attacks from them followed by some excellent blocking. So I spent a lot of energy bridging when I thought the prospects were good for the break to stick. And that’s how I found myself to be in a break of 5 guys at lap 20 and the first prime was announced. At this point I figured that the break would be caught, so I gave up on that and focused on the prime. Just before the 3rd corner (the trickiest corner on the back stretch) I attacked, ripped through the corner, accelerated to the 4th corner. At this point, no one was near me, so I half-sprinted to the line (about .18 miles) to get it.
The break fell apart after that, so back to the field. More of the same, attacks, blocking, bridging, single file. Another prime is announced. Again, I am at the front (like in 5th), so I figure “what the hell”. This time I can’t get free on the back stretch, so I wait until we come around the 4th corner. Went right from the apex for a straight up sprint. Got the prime. Back to the field.
Skip starts getting active and is attacking constantly, as are some IF/CCB/MetLife guys and an occasional attack by Robbie King. Skip gets away (like 200 feet up the road) with 2 other guys. He stays out there 2 laps and they ring the bell. Prime number 3. There is no chance for me, and besides I am looking to recover for the finish. Skip is looking very strong and like he is going to get it, but his foot pulls out and he crashes. I find out later that his cleat pulled off his shoe.
So finally, with 5 laps to go, the field is all together. I am doing my best to stay at the front, but like so many of these “Pro” races the pace is so slow that riders are swamping me up the sides. So my 5th position turns into 25th. I am forced to put a lot of energy into bumping and elbowing and listening to pre-pubescent riders whine and cry, but eventually get and stay up there. With 1 to go, it got easier when the pace climbed above 30 (thank god!). Came into the last corner on Ward Solar’s wheel (who was on Robbie King’s wheel). Ward snaked though some traffic, which I got hung up on and settled for 4th.
So, for me, a very satisfying day and conclusion to the 2008 season. I won 2 out of the 3 primes and snagged 4th. Was active and aggressive and walked away with some cash. Now I will paint my house.
Full Results from the 2008 Portsmouth Pro-Am Criterium

Thursday, August 21, 2008

7th place at Ninigret: Murat gets close..

It was a very fast night at Ninigret Park in Charlestown, with lots of the local favorites racing in the Wednesday night criterium. To wit, 6 of the the top 10 Rhode Island masters were there, and so were 4 of the top 50 ranked masters in the country. Speed was up by one mile an hour (27 mph average) over last week, and the field was strung out single file on most every lap. No one could get away though, and the final field sprint was a knife fight among the few who had the reserves to accelerate and the nerves to find openings to pass through!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Week 25: Frontier Criterium and Fall River Criterium

Three Podiums This Weekend!
Frontier Criterium in Loudon, NH:
Adam Sternfield (below, left) is 1st place in the 45+ and 3rd in the 35+ which follows.
Blount Seafoods Fall River Criterium:
Adam Sternfield is 5th in 45+ race.
Matt Kressy (below) is 2nd in the 35+ race
Adam Sternfield is 27th in the 35+ raceMurat Altinbasak is 11th in the Fall River 35+ race

Yesterday our Adam Sternfield put 'Millwork One' on everyone's lips when he won the 45+ criterium race up in Loudon NH. To add to his victory, he also scored 3rd place in the 35+ event which followed. All this was done on his own, with no team mates around to help him get the two podiums.Today featured the annual Blount Seafoods Fall River Criterium. Again, Adam Sternfield delivered- he got into the winning breakaway of the 45+ event and took another solid result- 5th place. The 35+ race followed right afterwards and Adam lined up alongside Matt Kressy and myself to do his part for the team. After about 10 of 20 laps on the challenging one mile course, Tobi Schultz escaped solo and not long after, Millwork One's Matt Kressy was able to attack and bridge up to him. A few laps later, Mark McCormack attacked and bridged across to join the duo. Now all that Adam and I had to do was slow down the field as much as possible using blocking tactics, and hope that Matt can outsprint both Tobi and Mark in the finish. We discovered afterward that these two guys worked Matt over- attacked him, forced him to waste energy (all the things we'd have done if we were in their shoes) In the end, Matt sprinted to an honorable 2nd place, beating Mark but not Tobi. Back in the main field, the race exploded on the final lap up the climb and I chewed through my handlebars to get 8th in the field sprint, 11th overall. A great weekend of racing for Millwork One. The race announcer called us out dozens of times, making Millwork One a familiar name for all of the spectators. Podium pictures coming up soon. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Millwork One Team Member: Murat Akyazi

Millwork One Racing is now 'International' in the true sense of the word. Meet Murat Akyazi- 33 year old Master, training and racing in Bursa, Turkey. While I was there this spring, I rode with many people. But in terms of being impressed with riding ability, character, kindness and class, Murat outshined everyone else. The M1 Racing kit he's using replaces the tattered one he'd been using for years. My sister will be flying over in a couple of weeks, and she's taking a special care package over there for me. Some good tires, tubes, arm warmers, rain jacket, etc etc.. If we're going to support a rider we may as well do it properly, or not at all! Take note of the absolutely pristine-condition Peugeot frameset. Welcome aboard, Murat!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weeks 13-14-15-16-17??

Updates are long overdue, but with a little luck, they will be brought up to date by next week. Thanks for being patient. It's a big race weekend for Millwork One Racing! We will have not less than 7 competitors crossing swords with New England's finest in the Cox Classic Criterium Category 2/3 event at 3:15 on Saturday. Please come out and show your support for the race, for the team, for Providence and for Waterfire after the racing has ended!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Week 12 Results: Lake Sunapee Bike Race and Wells

Millwork One strikes again! With only Adam Sternfield at his side and all other Millworkers on holiday, Matt Kressy easily demoralized the field at Lake Sunapee and earned a solid fifth place only 30 seconds behind the four breakaways. In Adam's own words, the report goes like this:

Sunapee recap: Two things stand out- Mike Spangenberg's performance and Matt Kressy's acceleration. First off, Mike Spangenberg probably rode the single most dominating master's race I never saw . By that I mean he and Leo Devellian attacked literally from the gun, and while we caught Leo halfway through the first lap, Mike didn't resurface on the pack's radar until just a couple of miles from the line. He damn near soloed the entire race! And this on a quad-rending course and a day where the wind was kicking up surf-able waves on the Lake. Even when he was finally reeled in by a strong Ciaran Mangan and 2 others, he still came within a bike length of taking the sprint. Phenomenal.Which brings me to Matt. With Ciaran and Mike's group of four 30 seconds up the road vying for the win, the remainder of the field came to the final climb strung out behind Tom Francis' wheel. For those of you who don't know the finish, it starts with a shallow pitch, followed by a couple hundred meters of flat, then a 300 meter grinder (or hoagie, if you prefer) to the line. When we hit the flat, Matt bolted like his proctologist had just whispered "time for your rectal exam, Mr. Kressy" in his ear. I mean he opened up a hundred yard gap before anyone could blink. He had time to look back, twice, complete his 2008 1040A with schedule C, and cruised in. He didn't just outsprint the field, he demoralized it. Me, I had a strange race. For roughly 35 of the 46 miles, I felt like 1990's version of myself. The version that could climb without a triple chainring and didn't consume a significant portion of his calories in the form of a distilled malt beverage. A much less gravity-affected version. I found myself going over climbs with the likes of Bill Yabroudy and Ray Johnson and was even on one occasion off the front with those two. Then, suddenly, on one of the rollers approaching the finish, the lights went out and I was dropped. Can't explain it, don't want to, prefer instead to hang onto the ego-inflating memories of the first 35 miles. In any case, I ended with a small group and we managed to latch on just in time to be blown back in the wake of Matt's supersonic turbulence :-)
Lake Sunapee Bike Race
Masters 35+
5 Matt Kressy
17 Adam Sternfield

Sunday's Wells Ave was both well attended and held under bright and sunny skies. We even had an under 25 Slipstream-Chipotle racer in field. Everyone was doing a double take. In what seems to have been a case of dejavu.. Adam once again chooses the right wheels after the halfway sprint and rolls away from the field as part of the 8 man break which sticks it out to the end. Meanwhile back in the main field, Brendan and Murat did their level best to get as much training benefit from this race as possible. Brendan could be seen pulling the entire field along on some laps, while Murat was drilling it on others to close gaps to the bridging attempts. Adam places 6th in a "sprint" that looks more like an uphill finish, while Brendan and Murat safely cross the line in the top 20 of finishers. A good day of racing indeed.

Murat streaks across the gaps at top speed. Nosebleeds were had by all who tried to follow his wheel. We can't help but think that everyone else's team kit looks a little bit inferior..

Week 11 Results: Sterling and Wells Avenue

A light week for Millwork One Racing! Only Lynn and Adam are strong enough to brave the tough racing up at the Sterling Classic.
Sterling Classic Road Race
Pro-1-2 (57 starters, 41 finishers)
33 Adam Sternfield
Women's Cat 4
16 Lynn Samartano
The day which followed saw Adam in the thick of the action at the Wells Avenue Criterium. Adam makes the decisive break of 10 and sails home to a hard earned 5th place.

Week 10 Results: Jiminy Peak and Blue Hills

Our Lone Ranger Adam Sternfield scouted Jiminy Peak and completed his mission in 62nd place.. The following Sunday saw the M1 colors flying high at Blue Hills in spite of the precipitation. Matt Kressy scored a solid 4th place for the team.
Jiminy Peak Road Race
Masters 35+:
62 Adam Sternfield
Blue Hills Classic
Masters 35+:
4 Matt Kressy
18 Murat Altinbasak
20 Ralf Geiben Lynn
22 Kyle Gates
Cat 4 finishers: Joe Barroso, Sheldon Charles

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Making it look easy!

With the best results and the most wins of any other Millwork One racer, Lynn Samartano has the rest of her team, and Providence Bicycle and Millwork One, beaming with pride. How does one become the runaway leader of the Root 66 Race Series? Ask LYNN! After three events of the series, shen has amassed triple the points of every other contender, and could probably skip the next few races in the series and still wear the leader's jersey.. but we'd prefer that she continues to pad her lead! Stay tuned.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Week 9 Results: Sturbridge and Palmer

The racing in central Mass this past weekend was fast and furious. Fields were very large and very stacked with talent all around.. so much so that Matt Kressy lamented after the 35+ event that "a 10th place here is bigger than a win at Myles Standish".. and of course at this point he had not yet discovered that he did indeed make it into the top ten. Some fine riding by our team is really putting Millwork One Racing and on the map! Nice work everyone!

Sturbridge Road Race (complete results here)
Cat 4
48 Mike Samartano
Women Cat 3/4
27 Lynn Samartano
Masters 35+
10 Matt Kressy
45 Adam Sternfield
62 Murat Altinbasak
Palmer Library Road Race
Cat 4/5 35+ (40 miles)
11 Joe Barroso
Cat 3/4 (60 miles)
43 Brendan Hanrahan
52 Scott Sullivan
Masters 35+ (60 miles)
46 Adam Sternfield
63 Ralf Geiben Lynn

Look for the Gold and Silver colors next weekend at the Jiminy Peak Road Race and the Blue Hills Classic

Monday, April 21, 2008

Week 8 Results

A big weekend for Millwork One Racing! To wit:

Rick Newhouse Memorial Criterium (full results here)
Pro-1-2-3: 8 Adam Sternfield, 13 Brendan Hanrahan
Cat 3: 5 Scott Sullivan, 8 Brendan Hanrahan
Cat 4: 12 Mike Samartano
Masters 35+: 10 Murat Altinbasak, 19 Adam Sternfield

Myles Standish State Park Road Race
Masters 35+: 1 Matt Kressy, 8 Kyle Gates, 13 Adam Sternfield, 14 Ralf Geiben Lynn

Week 7 Results

Chris Hinds Criterium (full results here)
Pro-1-2-3: 31 Scott Sullivan, 33 Brendan Hanrahan
Women: 5 Lynn Samartano
Cat 4: 7 Mike Samartano
Masters 35+: 12 Murat Altinbasak
Additionally, Lynn Samartano is winner of her age group and series leader of same at the Hopbrook Dam Mountain Bike Race, first round of the Root 66 Racing Series. Then on Sunday, Murat scores the field sprint for 4th at theWells Ave Criterium.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Breaking News: Millwork One Racing adds 6 to the team

We're very happy to announce that the following good people will join our team in 2008:
Matt Kressy, Adam Sternfield, Kyle Gates, Ralf Geiben Lynn, Doug Zeiewacz and Robin Thurston. We are honored to welcome such highly regarded and accomplished bike racers into our humble team's roster. It is going to be a very strong first year for Millwork One Racing! May it be the first of many.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weeks 4, 5 and 6: Wells Ave and Charge Pond

The weekend of March 22-23: Wells Ave was attended by Brendan and Murat. A 12 person break motored away early and lapped the field! This frustrated a large number of folks who were snoozing at the back when 'the move' happened. Such is bike racing.
The weekend of March 29-30: Wells Ave again! Joe, Mike and Murat did the A race- not so well attended this time due to the Michael Schott Memorial race going on same day.. This time, a six person break escaped and was kept in sight of the field until the very end. Lots of blocking by a couple of teams proved effective though, and the break stayed away. Third in the field sprint for Murat was no consolation after so much hard work chasing!
We had others who ventured to the Charge Pond racing on both Saturdays. Please visit the blogs of Scott and Brendan for more information on those events.
The weekend of April 5-6 featured more training race action up at Wells Ave. Apparently the field swelled in size this week, making it a little bit easier for Mike, Brendan, Scott and Joe to take shelter in the field from the damp wet coldness. A field sprint this time! Nothing got away.
Week 7 is almost here! The first 'real' race of the 2008 season is upon us at the:
6th Annual Chris Hinds Memorial CriteriumCharlestown, RI
Look for Joe and Mike in the Cat 4 event
Scott, Brendan and Murat in the Pro-Am event
Mike, David and Murat in the 35+ event
Lynn in the Women's event

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Meet the members of M1 Racing Team

From left: Michael Samartano, Lynn Samartano, Scott Sullivan, Murat Altinbasak, Sheldon Charles, David Miller.
Photo by team mate Rob DesRosiers
Not present: Brendan Hanrahan, Derek Larson, Joe Barroso
This was taken just before a brisk two hour team ride into the hills of Scituate and Coventry.

Week Three: Wells Avenue Criterium

Reports from our team indicate another top 10 result for the weekend of March 15-16. Mike, Scott and Brendan ventured up to the season opener of Wells Avenue Crit in Newton Mass and good times were had by all. Good clean racing, no crashes, and decent weather. Read more about it here (Scott), here (Mike), and here(Brendan).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Week 2: M1 Racing covers Bethel & Ninigret

It's week TWO of the 2008 road season.. and Millwork One Racing attended the same two events with the same four participants. One small difference: Murat turned his attention from Bethel to Ninigret and accompanied Brendan in a very high powered field on a notoriously windy day on the airstrip. Gusts of 40 or so miles per hour made it a requirement to get out of the saddle in order to break 15 miles per hour.. Brendan and Murat have both covered their respective experiences on Sunday. Michael and Scotty have also given us some reporting which will fill in the blanks.. Long story short, Millwork One Racing scored a couple of top 10 finishes at Ninigret this weekend. Next on the M1 radar: Wells Avenue Criterium in Newton Mass. M1 Racing will put all it's eggs in one basket this Sunday.. Stay tuned for reporting from Week 3!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Week One: Four Races, One Top Ten

M1 Racing's Scott Sullivan has made his mark upon the March 2nd Ronde de Bethel Criterium in Bethel, CT by taking a 10th place finish in the very well attended Cat 3/4 event. Michael Samartano raced in the 40+ and earned himself a respectable 19th place. Murat tested the legs in the Pro-Am event and proved convincingly that his legs are over due for a solid week of rest. Brendan Hanrahan was a participant in the year's first Ninigret Criterium in Charlestown, RI and finished in the main field, which was lapped by a pair of riders which included Adam Sullivan.
The Bethel Series continues this weekend and M1 Racing will be there again thanks to Michael and Scott while others will race at Ninigret Park on Sunday. Stay tuned.

The M1 Racing Team has some new bloggers! Scott, Brendan, Michael/Lynn, and Murat have personal websites which we encourage you to visit. See the sidebar for links to their blogs.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

M1 Racing debuts this weekend!

M1 Racing will be represented at the Ronde de Bethel and also at the season kick off of the Ninigret training series this weekend. Tune in next week for results and reports!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Welcome to M1 Racing Family:

I've been using Rudy Project eyewear since the time I was a junior back in the late eighties, so I'm happy to announce that we have signed a sponsorship agreement with them.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

One month "month-a-versary" of M1 Racing blog

In 30 short days we've had 1140 visitors! Many thanks to M. Hagen and D. Fortini over at the New England Bike Racing Association for helping us to spread the word about M1 Racing Team's scouting and recruitment drive. It's been a tremendous success as the team is already populated with a formidable depth of talent and experience. Many thanks to the owner and staff of Providence Bicycle for helping us find the right mix of people as well. Of course it doesn't hurt to have certain well respected local racers vouching for us, linking to us and giving us referrals. Thank you!

Friday, January 18, 2008

M1 Racing Roster

A recent comment requesting that we announce the names of all members of our new team cannot be fulfilled until all of said team members agree not to take issue with the announcement of their names on this site.
I will say this much.. The initial "H" is now replaced with the initial "D".. the initial "R" is added with an asterisk.. and all initials are of first names. That's all we can announce right now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

He who hesitates is lost

The Millwork One Racing Team roster is filled to capacity. Regrettably, our budget can only support so many people before the cash and benefits become a bit diluted. As of this date, we have ten people on the team, with the initials: S, L, M, B, S, R, J, D, H and myself. Others can be added in the future, but only with the written referral of a current member of the team. Terms of sponsorship may vary and be offered on a discretionary basis. Those who did not hesitate and who reached out to me early were wise to do so. Welcome to the team!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Current and Prospective M1 Racing team members:

The M1Racing Team roster already includes seven riders.. and they will be introduced to our readers and to our sponsors shortly. For now, allow me to sing the praises of the M1 Racing sponsorship program. It's different from other 'equipment based' teams where too much kit space is traded for a marginal discount on expensive equipment. Not at Millwork One Racing.. We want to cover the repetitive nuisance costs of racing for our athletes, such as entry fees and gasoline, instead of the very isolated one-time equipment costs such as frames and wheels. To wit, if you join us at M1 Racing::

  • You will be reimbursed for entry fees.
  • You will be reimbursed for gasoline used to travel to races (fill up before, fill up after, submit receipt)
  • You will receive one team kit free of cost (full zip jersey and bib short).
  • You will be eligible for prize matching (This means that if you finish "in the money" and receive a cash prize, the team will match it and pay you an equal amount)
  • You will have access to very favorable prices for bikes, parts and accessories at Providence Bicycle.. not to mention preferential and expedited service (with 48 hour advance notice please)
  • You will be entitled to purchase high end LikeABike children's bikes from for just a little bit over cost. A huge savings on the best kid's bike out there.
  • You will have access to the professional coaching services of Todd Scheske at Legaci Cycling Productions
  • You will be required to become a member of the Genesee Valley Cycling Club, centered in Rochester, New York. (Millwork One Racing is one of the many affiliate teams of the GVCC, which is also the club that takes credit for the ROCHESTER TWILIGHT CRITERIUM!!!!! this year it's an omnium for the Pro-Am, August 8-10)
  • You will be a part of the newest, best dressed and most anticipated team in New England..
  • See below. Join us on Saturday. There's no obligation. You're the captain.

    Sunday, January 6, 2008


    Team kits are completely laid out- I finalized the finishing touches earlier today and tomorrow the artwork files are being transmitted to Pactimo for production! We are bringing in enough apparel to cover about 8 riders with about three kits each (full zip jersey and bib short), and one each of the different jackets, skinsuits, leg warmers, arm warmers etc. Some of it is already spoken for, but some of it isn't. While Pactimo prepares their own mock-up for final release to production, we still have time to make final selections of sizes and quantities.. This means that if you are interested in representing Millwork One Racing for 2008, it' imperative to make it known to us ASAP and to attend our orientation and group ride at 8:00 AM this Saturday the 12th. If we have a meeting of the minds at that time, an apparel order will be taken for you so that you get the garments you want, in the correct sizes. Why wait and make it into a crap shoot? Join us on Saturday, commit to racing with M1 Racing, choose your apparel and be covered with proper clothing that fits in the spring.. Please RSVP to me using I will reply with my home address and directions.

    Wednesday, January 2, 2008

    Kit Design almost complete!

    Above: Mock-up 1. Below: Mock-up 2
    This is what a skinsuit would look like when arm and leg warmers are used. The actual jersey and bib short combo would be slightly different, mostly at the back pockets where there would be some shifting of logos and at the back panel of the bib shorts, which is shaped different from the skinsuit shown here. The long sleeve jerseys and the jackets which are being ordered would be very close to the top half of the kit you see here. It's hard to see but the "M1" logo is patterned into the fabric.