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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Meet the members of M1 Racing Team

From left: Michael Samartano, Lynn Samartano, Scott Sullivan, Murat Altinbasak, Sheldon Charles, David Miller.
Photo by team mate Rob DesRosiers
Not present: Brendan Hanrahan, Derek Larson, Joe Barroso
This was taken just before a brisk two hour team ride into the hills of Scituate and Coventry.

Week Three: Wells Avenue Criterium

Reports from our team indicate another top 10 result for the weekend of March 15-16. Mike, Scott and Brendan ventured up to the season opener of Wells Avenue Crit in Newton Mass and good times were had by all. Good clean racing, no crashes, and decent weather. Read more about it here (Scott), here (Mike), and here(Brendan).

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Week 2: M1 Racing covers Bethel & Ninigret

It's week TWO of the 2008 road season.. and Millwork One Racing attended the same two events with the same four participants. One small difference: Murat turned his attention from Bethel to Ninigret and accompanied Brendan in a very high powered field on a notoriously windy day on the airstrip. Gusts of 40 or so miles per hour made it a requirement to get out of the saddle in order to break 15 miles per hour.. Brendan and Murat have both covered their respective experiences on Sunday. Michael and Scotty have also given us some reporting which will fill in the blanks.. Long story short, Millwork One Racing scored a couple of top 10 finishes at Ninigret this weekend. Next on the M1 radar: Wells Avenue Criterium in Newton Mass. M1 Racing will put all it's eggs in one basket this Sunday.. Stay tuned for reporting from Week 3!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Week One: Four Races, One Top Ten

M1 Racing's Scott Sullivan has made his mark upon the March 2nd Ronde de Bethel Criterium in Bethel, CT by taking a 10th place finish in the very well attended Cat 3/4 event. Michael Samartano raced in the 40+ and earned himself a respectable 19th place. Murat tested the legs in the Pro-Am event and proved convincingly that his legs are over due for a solid week of rest. Brendan Hanrahan was a participant in the year's first Ninigret Criterium in Charlestown, RI and finished in the main field, which was lapped by a pair of riders which included Adam Sullivan.
The Bethel Series continues this weekend and M1 Racing will be there again thanks to Michael and Scott while others will race at Ninigret Park on Sunday. Stay tuned.

The M1 Racing Team has some new bloggers! Scott, Brendan, Michael/Lynn, and Murat have personal websites which we encourage you to visit. See the sidebar for links to their blogs.