America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Monday, April 28, 2008

Week 9 Results: Sturbridge and Palmer

The racing in central Mass this past weekend was fast and furious. Fields were very large and very stacked with talent all around.. so much so that Matt Kressy lamented after the 35+ event that "a 10th place here is bigger than a win at Myles Standish".. and of course at this point he had not yet discovered that he did indeed make it into the top ten. Some fine riding by our team is really putting Millwork One Racing and on the map! Nice work everyone!

Sturbridge Road Race (complete results here)
Cat 4
48 Mike Samartano
Women Cat 3/4
27 Lynn Samartano
Masters 35+
10 Matt Kressy
45 Adam Sternfield
62 Murat Altinbasak
Palmer Library Road Race
Cat 4/5 35+ (40 miles)
11 Joe Barroso
Cat 3/4 (60 miles)
43 Brendan Hanrahan
52 Scott Sullivan
Masters 35+ (60 miles)
46 Adam Sternfield
63 Ralf Geiben Lynn

Look for the Gold and Silver colors next weekend at the Jiminy Peak Road Race and the Blue Hills Classic

Monday, April 21, 2008

Week 8 Results

A big weekend for Millwork One Racing! To wit:

Rick Newhouse Memorial Criterium (full results here)
Pro-1-2-3: 8 Adam Sternfield, 13 Brendan Hanrahan
Cat 3: 5 Scott Sullivan, 8 Brendan Hanrahan
Cat 4: 12 Mike Samartano
Masters 35+: 10 Murat Altinbasak, 19 Adam Sternfield

Myles Standish State Park Road Race
Masters 35+: 1 Matt Kressy, 8 Kyle Gates, 13 Adam Sternfield, 14 Ralf Geiben Lynn

Week 7 Results

Chris Hinds Criterium (full results here)
Pro-1-2-3: 31 Scott Sullivan, 33 Brendan Hanrahan
Women: 5 Lynn Samartano
Cat 4: 7 Mike Samartano
Masters 35+: 12 Murat Altinbasak
Additionally, Lynn Samartano is winner of her age group and series leader of same at the Hopbrook Dam Mountain Bike Race, first round of the Root 66 Racing Series. Then on Sunday, Murat scores the field sprint for 4th at theWells Ave Criterium.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Breaking News: Millwork One Racing adds 6 to the team

We're very happy to announce that the following good people will join our team in 2008:
Matt Kressy, Adam Sternfield, Kyle Gates, Ralf Geiben Lynn, Doug Zeiewacz and Robin Thurston. We are honored to welcome such highly regarded and accomplished bike racers into our humble team's roster. It is going to be a very strong first year for Millwork One Racing! May it be the first of many.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weeks 4, 5 and 6: Wells Ave and Charge Pond

The weekend of March 22-23: Wells Ave was attended by Brendan and Murat. A 12 person break motored away early and lapped the field! This frustrated a large number of folks who were snoozing at the back when 'the move' happened. Such is bike racing.
The weekend of March 29-30: Wells Ave again! Joe, Mike and Murat did the A race- not so well attended this time due to the Michael Schott Memorial race going on same day.. This time, a six person break escaped and was kept in sight of the field until the very end. Lots of blocking by a couple of teams proved effective though, and the break stayed away. Third in the field sprint for Murat was no consolation after so much hard work chasing!
We had others who ventured to the Charge Pond racing on both Saturdays. Please visit the blogs of Scott and Brendan for more information on those events.
The weekend of April 5-6 featured more training race action up at Wells Ave. Apparently the field swelled in size this week, making it a little bit easier for Mike, Brendan, Scott and Joe to take shelter in the field from the damp wet coldness. A field sprint this time! Nothing got away.
Week 7 is almost here! The first 'real' race of the 2008 season is upon us at the:
6th Annual Chris Hinds Memorial CriteriumCharlestown, RI
Look for Joe and Mike in the Cat 4 event
Scott, Brendan and Murat in the Pro-Am event
Mike, David and Murat in the 35+ event
Lynn in the Women's event