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Monday, September 22, 2008

Race Report: New England Velo Cross Challenge

As told by the less attractive half of Team Samartano:
Lynn, Wild Bill, Lyons, Judge (we call him jay now, it just fits better) myself, left for The New England Velo-Cross Challenge in NH at 5:ish this am. We were among the first to arrive, which gave us a chance to pre-ride the course. Lynn had a real good warm up and a good feeling about the course. She got a very good start, the second woman into the woods, quickly picking off the lead rider. She held on for a few strong laps, but, alas one rider got by. She place second in her first cyclocross race of the year!My race was next, I got the holeshot into the woods, only to fall while trying to ride up the first run up. Lost 5 places during my momentary loss of judgment. The next laps were spent fighting for spots. With three to go I was in second place and could see the leader. I fought hard in the power sections but I could not reel him in. I finished second with a severe case of lung burn.Wild Bill? He's racing Sucker Brook tomorrow, so he took it easy on the competion, no reason to show all your cards this early in the season.
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Race Report: 2008 Three Village Tour RR and YMCA Rose Pedal Criterium Pro-Am

As told by Adam:
Saweeeeeeeet!! Nice job [Matt]! That [Portsmouth] race is a real barn-burner, isn't it?!! I love how you come out of that 4th corner every lap single file in a line of 80 guys at supersonic speed. Reading your report of a field sprint finish, though, comfirms that I made the right decision to go down to Norwich...BTW was Skip okay after his crash? My brief weekend race report goes like this: Did the 45+ Three Village RR on Sat. The promoter combined the 35s, 45s, and 55s- even though he had substantial fields in each. Said he didn'thave "enough resources". Anyway, on the last lap a break of about 15 guys including myself, Bill Y, Ciaran, Dave Potter, and Mark Gunsulas got away. Coming into the sprint, I made a major mental error that I'm still kicking myself for. I said to myself, "Damn, here's another big break where I'm gonna get 11 or 12th and come away with nothing". Sure enough, I did finish 12th, but I completely forgot about the fact that we were seperate races, so technically I wasn't sprinting against Bill and Ciaran, I was sprinting against Mark G. and the other 45s. If I had remembered that, I definitelywould have fought for better position on Mark's wheel (he won). And the funny thing was, all of us 45s (there were 4 in the break) sucked in the sprint- we finished 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th! Not saying I would've won by any means, but I honestly think I cost myself at least one spot (and a podium). Well, live and learn- mental errors can be just as costly as poor physical preparation....
Sunday in Norwich was hard. Very tough race. Short laps with a steep hill and no chance to rest/recover. Break of 4 got away (inc. Tim Unkert) then a chase group of 4 (inc. Amos Brumble). Late in the raceI bolted and Bill Y bridged up. We hung on for 9th and 10th (me). So, overall, not a bad weekend. I was hoping for maybe a little bit better, but I surely can't complain...Weather permitting, I'm gonna try for one more race: Next Sunday at Ninigret.
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Race Report: 2008 Portsmouth Criterium Pro-Am

As told by Matt:
Well boyz, I had probably the best race of my season yesterday. It went something like this...
Was warming up and got a flat. Was on my Zipps with tubies, so I was screwed. Rode the flat 3 miles back to the car and started begging for a front wheel because I did not bring an extra. Skip was parked right next to me, so I asked him and he was actually quite concerned and tried to help me out. Finally Bill Mark from NBX/Narragansett rode by me with a pair of Carbones, he gave me a front wheel with a nice Conti Sprinter tubie on it. I was happy.
The race started and it took about 5 laps for me to finish my warm up. I was in the last quarter of the field and started moving up. The course was tight (how I like them) with corners that if you have a good line, you can make it really difficult for those behind you. Finally got up to the front and stayed there the rest of the race. It was a CCB and Metlife affair. Many attacks from them followed by some excellent blocking. So I spent a lot of energy bridging when I thought the prospects were good for the break to stick. And that’s how I found myself to be in a break of 5 guys at lap 20 and the first prime was announced. At this point I figured that the break would be caught, so I gave up on that and focused on the prime. Just before the 3rd corner (the trickiest corner on the back stretch) I attacked, ripped through the corner, accelerated to the 4th corner. At this point, no one was near me, so I half-sprinted to the line (about .18 miles) to get it.
The break fell apart after that, so back to the field. More of the same, attacks, blocking, bridging, single file. Another prime is announced. Again, I am at the front (like in 5th), so I figure “what the hell”. This time I can’t get free on the back stretch, so I wait until we come around the 4th corner. Went right from the apex for a straight up sprint. Got the prime. Back to the field.
Skip starts getting active and is attacking constantly, as are some IF/CCB/MetLife guys and an occasional attack by Robbie King. Skip gets away (like 200 feet up the road) with 2 other guys. He stays out there 2 laps and they ring the bell. Prime number 3. There is no chance for me, and besides I am looking to recover for the finish. Skip is looking very strong and like he is going to get it, but his foot pulls out and he crashes. I find out later that his cleat pulled off his shoe.
So finally, with 5 laps to go, the field is all together. I am doing my best to stay at the front, but like so many of these “Pro” races the pace is so slow that riders are swamping me up the sides. So my 5th position turns into 25th. I am forced to put a lot of energy into bumping and elbowing and listening to pre-pubescent riders whine and cry, but eventually get and stay up there. With 1 to go, it got easier when the pace climbed above 30 (thank god!). Came into the last corner on Ward Solar’s wheel (who was on Robbie King’s wheel). Ward snaked though some traffic, which I got hung up on and settled for 4th.
So, for me, a very satisfying day and conclusion to the 2008 season. I won 2 out of the 3 primes and snagged 4th. Was active and aggressive and walked away with some cash. Now I will paint my house.
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