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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Week 12 Results: Lake Sunapee Bike Race and Wells

Millwork One strikes again! With only Adam Sternfield at his side and all other Millworkers on holiday, Matt Kressy easily demoralized the field at Lake Sunapee and earned a solid fifth place only 30 seconds behind the four breakaways. In Adam's own words, the report goes like this:

Sunapee recap: Two things stand out- Mike Spangenberg's performance and Matt Kressy's acceleration. First off, Mike Spangenberg probably rode the single most dominating master's race I never saw . By that I mean he and Leo Devellian attacked literally from the gun, and while we caught Leo halfway through the first lap, Mike didn't resurface on the pack's radar until just a couple of miles from the line. He damn near soloed the entire race! And this on a quad-rending course and a day where the wind was kicking up surf-able waves on the Lake. Even when he was finally reeled in by a strong Ciaran Mangan and 2 others, he still came within a bike length of taking the sprint. Phenomenal.Which brings me to Matt. With Ciaran and Mike's group of four 30 seconds up the road vying for the win, the remainder of the field came to the final climb strung out behind Tom Francis' wheel. For those of you who don't know the finish, it starts with a shallow pitch, followed by a couple hundred meters of flat, then a 300 meter grinder (or hoagie, if you prefer) to the line. When we hit the flat, Matt bolted like his proctologist had just whispered "time for your rectal exam, Mr. Kressy" in his ear. I mean he opened up a hundred yard gap before anyone could blink. He had time to look back, twice, complete his 2008 1040A with schedule C, and cruised in. He didn't just outsprint the field, he demoralized it. Me, I had a strange race. For roughly 35 of the 46 miles, I felt like 1990's version of myself. The version that could climb without a triple chainring and didn't consume a significant portion of his calories in the form of a distilled malt beverage. A much less gravity-affected version. I found myself going over climbs with the likes of Bill Yabroudy and Ray Johnson and was even on one occasion off the front with those two. Then, suddenly, on one of the rollers approaching the finish, the lights went out and I was dropped. Can't explain it, don't want to, prefer instead to hang onto the ego-inflating memories of the first 35 miles. In any case, I ended with a small group and we managed to latch on just in time to be blown back in the wake of Matt's supersonic turbulence :-)
Lake Sunapee Bike Race
Masters 35+
5 Matt Kressy
17 Adam Sternfield

Sunday's Wells Ave was both well attended and held under bright and sunny skies. We even had an under 25 Slipstream-Chipotle racer in field. Everyone was doing a double take. In what seems to have been a case of dejavu.. Adam once again chooses the right wheels after the halfway sprint and rolls away from the field as part of the 8 man break which sticks it out to the end. Meanwhile back in the main field, Brendan and Murat did their level best to get as much training benefit from this race as possible. Brendan could be seen pulling the entire field along on some laps, while Murat was drilling it on others to close gaps to the bridging attempts. Adam places 6th in a "sprint" that looks more like an uphill finish, while Brendan and Murat safely cross the line in the top 20 of finishers. A good day of racing indeed.

Murat streaks across the gaps at top speed. Nosebleeds were had by all who tried to follow his wheel. We can't help but think that everyone else's team kit looks a little bit inferior..

Week 11 Results: Sterling and Wells Avenue

A light week for Millwork One Racing! Only Lynn and Adam are strong enough to brave the tough racing up at the Sterling Classic.
Sterling Classic Road Race
Pro-1-2 (57 starters, 41 finishers)
33 Adam Sternfield
Women's Cat 4
16 Lynn Samartano
The day which followed saw Adam in the thick of the action at the Wells Avenue Criterium. Adam makes the decisive break of 10 and sails home to a hard earned 5th place.

Week 10 Results: Jiminy Peak and Blue Hills

Our Lone Ranger Adam Sternfield scouted Jiminy Peak and completed his mission in 62nd place.. The following Sunday saw the M1 colors flying high at Blue Hills in spite of the precipitation. Matt Kressy scored a solid 4th place for the team.
Jiminy Peak Road Race
Masters 35+:
62 Adam Sternfield
Blue Hills Classic
Masters 35+:
4 Matt Kressy
18 Murat Altinbasak
20 Ralf Geiben Lynn
22 Kyle Gates
Cat 4 finishers: Joe Barroso, Sheldon Charles

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Making it look easy!

With the best results and the most wins of any other Millwork One racer, Lynn Samartano has the rest of her team, and Providence Bicycle and Millwork One, beaming with pride. How does one become the runaway leader of the Root 66 Race Series? Ask LYNN! After three events of the series, shen has amassed triple the points of every other contender, and could probably skip the next few races in the series and still wear the leader's jersey.. but we'd prefer that she continues to pad her lead! Stay tuned.