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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Thursday, August 21, 2008

7th place at Ninigret: Murat gets close..

It was a very fast night at Ninigret Park in Charlestown, with lots of the local favorites racing in the Wednesday night criterium. To wit, 6 of the the top 10 Rhode Island masters were there, and so were 4 of the top 50 ranked masters in the country. Speed was up by one mile an hour (27 mph average) over last week, and the field was strung out single file on most every lap. No one could get away though, and the final field sprint was a knife fight among the few who had the reserves to accelerate and the nerves to find openings to pass through!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Week 25: Frontier Criterium and Fall River Criterium

Three Podiums This Weekend!
Frontier Criterium in Loudon, NH:
Adam Sternfield (below, left) is 1st place in the 45+ and 3rd in the 35+ which follows.
Blount Seafoods Fall River Criterium:
Adam Sternfield is 5th in 45+ race.
Matt Kressy (below) is 2nd in the 35+ race
Adam Sternfield is 27th in the 35+ raceMurat Altinbasak is 11th in the Fall River 35+ race

Yesterday our Adam Sternfield put 'Millwork One' on everyone's lips when he won the 45+ criterium race up in Loudon NH. To add to his victory, he also scored 3rd place in the 35+ event which followed. All this was done on his own, with no team mates around to help him get the two podiums.Today featured the annual Blount Seafoods Fall River Criterium. Again, Adam Sternfield delivered- he got into the winning breakaway of the 45+ event and took another solid result- 5th place. The 35+ race followed right afterwards and Adam lined up alongside Matt Kressy and myself to do his part for the team. After about 10 of 20 laps on the challenging one mile course, Tobi Schultz escaped solo and not long after, Millwork One's Matt Kressy was able to attack and bridge up to him. A few laps later, Mark McCormack attacked and bridged across to join the duo. Now all that Adam and I had to do was slow down the field as much as possible using blocking tactics, and hope that Matt can outsprint both Tobi and Mark in the finish. We discovered afterward that these two guys worked Matt over- attacked him, forced him to waste energy (all the things we'd have done if we were in their shoes) In the end, Matt sprinted to an honorable 2nd place, beating Mark but not Tobi. Back in the main field, the race exploded on the final lap up the climb and I chewed through my handlebars to get 8th in the field sprint, 11th overall. A great weekend of racing for Millwork One. The race announcer called us out dozens of times, making Millwork One a familiar name for all of the spectators. Podium pictures coming up soon. Thanks for reading.