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America's #1 Balance Bike Destination
America's #1 Balance Bike Destination

Monday, June 27, 2011

WeeBIKE-Hasyun Racing wins the 2011 Keith Berger Criterium

WeeBIKE-Hasyun Racing wins again at the Keith Berger Memorial Criterium. Our team did a good job of containing the field for the best possible scenario- a Field Sprint! Ralf, Adam, Kyle then Matt took turns accelerating on the final lap and took the win from a big strong field. 
Matt Kressy 1st
Kyle Gates 5th
Murat Altinbasak 15th
Ralf Geiben Lynn 34th
Matt had enough distance to salute!
Our breakaway expert Adam Sternfield was torched after taking his turn in the leadout and didn't even bother to cross the finish. David 'Solobreak' Foley was delayed with two to go when a huge pileup occurred on turn two. He trashed a wheel, but kept all of his skin. An early break looked promising when it contained a few of the favorites, but others were not content to let them roll away and in spite of some good blocking by Horst Benidorm and WeeBIKE-Hasyun, the break was reeled in at about halfway. Kudos to Matt and Ralf for taking some cash and merch primes as well. Ralf and Murat also entered the Pro race a couple of hours later. 45 additional laps sounded like fun but serious cramping with 15 to go took Murat out of contention. Ralf did a good job of hanging tough and finished.
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Full results are here

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